First Reconciliation 2014-2015

Parent Meeting

There is one parent meeting offered at two different times for your convenience:

Sunday, October 26: 10:30 - 11:30 AM

Thursday, October 30: 7:30 - 8:30 PM

At least one parent from all families who want their children to receive First Reconciliation at Blessed Sacrament parish must attend this meeting. If you have had a child received First Reconciliation in the last two years and still have the Family Book you need not attend.



Celebration of First Reconciliation will be in Church at the following times:

Saturday, December 6: 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM

Saturday, December 13: 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM

You decide which day and time your child comes to First Reconciliation by sending me an email with the date, time and your child’s name, before Monday, November 17, 2014.



Families should try to establish two habits, if they aren’t in place already.

First, do some kind of prayer at home each day. It could be a prayer in the morning, a meal prayer, an evening or bedtime prayer. The preferred choice for this year would be to say the Our Father because that prayer is the one we expect children to know so they can more fully participate at Mass. The pattern should be the same, begin with the sign of the Cross and say the Our Father together and end with the Sign of the Cross. If the child already knows the Our Father by heart then a meal prayer or the Hail Mary would be good. Each of these prayers can be found at the Prayer Program description.

Second, come to Mass as often as possible. Coming each week is the goal. If some pattern of regular Mass attendance is not established as a family habit, children will not really understand First Eucharist, and they will have little basis for practicing the Catholic faith as they get older. If you value the sacraments enough to send your children for Religious Education then you have to consider a regular pattern of attendance at Mass to be a crucial part of the program.


Actual Preparation

The primary preparation for this sacrament is what families do at home. Children will see a video and practice the confessing part of the sacrament in their class.

All families are expected to use the materials they receive at the parent meeting to introduce their children to an understanding of God’s mercy. These new materials are designed so that families can spend some time together with a lesson that teaches both parents and children about the love of God in this sacrament. The program has a colorful, engaging book that provides five specific lessons. Besides the family activity book, parents will receive a complete outline of the communal celebration of the sacrament so that they and their children will know all the parts, songs and responses before coming to Church.



This is a communal service, expect to stay for the entire hour. Please plan to go to confession at this service as your child is doing. The priests who will be there expect that its been a long time for most adults. 

Children will be expected to know how to make the Sign of the Cross and be able to recite the Act of Contrition. We will use the Act of Contrition on this page.


Dress Code

Your child should be dressed neatly as if they were going to a special occasion. Boys do not have to wear jackets and ties. Girls do not have to wear fancy dresses. However, jeans, sweatshirts, T-shirts and sneakers are inappropriate.


Baptismal Record

If you have not already supplied the parish with a copy of the child’s baptismal record, you need to provide a copy of the long form baptismal record. Beginning last year we asked for a copy of this record when children were registered with Religious Education for the first time. If you supplied it then, we don't need another copy. Otherwise, please contact the church where the child was baptized, including Blessed Sacrament and explain he or she is receiving First Reconciliation and ask for a copy of the record. For Blessed Sacrament fill out this form


Act of Contrition

For Second Graders:

My God,

I am sorry for all my sins.

I will sincerely try to do better.

Jesus, help me and have mercy on me. Amen.

Parents can use this too. The traditional Act of Contrition was just one way of expressing sorrow.

If you have any questions any time throughout the year do not hesitate to call Ann Marie Dion at the parish house, (508) 668-4700 or email

Thank you for celebrating this sacrament as part of the Blessed Sacrament community.