Monthly Reflection Question for Confirmation

Bringing your faith to life and your life to faith.

Instructions:  Each reflection should be one page, typed, Times New Roman, 12pt font, double-spaced and is due at the next class.  Please submit all assignments online through   Follow these steps to create an Edmodo account and join our class.  Any questions, please e-mail Margaret at

The assignment is posted on but is also below.  

 Reflection Paper Question on The Creed-due January 25, 2014

Here is a link to the full text of the Nicene Creed:  Put into words the creed that has been guiding your life up to now. What statements and beliefs have you lived by? Where did these ideas come from? Explain how you might change your personal creed so as to be a better follower of Jesus. (Hint: Draw upon the Nicene Creed for help.) End your paper by writing 8 sentences putting The Creed into your own words.  

Reflection Paper Question on The Saints-due December 7, 2014 

Reflect on your own life. What are you good at (this could be something you have noticed or someone else has noticed in you)? How do you plan on nurturing this gift? How can God help you share this gift and how can you use it to glorify God? Consider the traditional Catholic saints. What saint’s story speaks to you (you can use one Mrs. Spillman spoke about or research on your own)? How does this saint challenge you?


Reflection Paper Question on Sacraments of Initiation- Due November 16th

Describe a group, team, or organization you are a member of (school club, sports, your family, etc.). How does it feel to be a part of that group? Think about what it’s like for you to be a member of the Catholic Church. What are some challenges to living a life directed toward others, keeping Christ at the center of your life? What are some blessings? How will getting Confirmed inspire you to live as a full member of the Church?