Monthly Reflection Question for Confirmation

Bringing your faith to life and your life to faith.

Instructions:  Each reflection should be one page, typed, Times New Roman, 12pt font, double-spaced and is due at the next class.  Please submit all assignments online through   Follow these steps to create an Edmodo account and join our class.  Any questions, please e-mail Margaret at

The assignment is posted on but is also below.  

February Reflection Paper Question- due online by March 9

Describe someone in your life (yourself, a family member, teacher, friend, etc.) who you witnessed make a good decision that benefited someone else. What was the situation? Do you think it was tough for that person to make that good decision?
Sometimes our conscience can be the Holy Spirit nudging us to do the right thing. Have you considered that God might speak to you through your conscience? End your paper with a short prayer that you can say before entering a difficult situation.

January Reflection Paper Question-due online by February 9

When you were a child, what did you want to do with your life? How has that changed as you have grown older? Why has it changed? What gifts do you feel the Holy Spirit has given you that will help you achieve your life goals? How can you incorporate God in this decision-making process?

December Reflection Paper Question-due online by January 12

Think about a movie, person, or book that has been a positive influence on how you live. What qualities does this movie/person/book have that affected you so positively? Where do you see these qualities in the Bible? Describe a concrete way (or ways) you could realistically make use of the Bible. How will using the Bible in this way help you to better live out your faith?

November Reflection Paper Question-due online by December 8 

We are praying any time we try to communicate with God; when we are listening to God, or when we are trying to talk to God. In what way(s) do you tend to pray? When do you most often pray, or find yourself wanting to pray? How do you think prayer helps you in your life? What keeps you from having more prayer in your life? As you approach Confirmation, what is one specific goal you want to set for your prayer life?

October Reflection Paper- Due by November 17th

Describe a ritual that you enjoy in your family. What do you like about it? How do you contribute to this ritual? Name a few ways that your family ritual is similar to what we do in Mass. How do you experience Mass? What parts do you like best? How do you feel after leaving Mass?