Reflection Question of the Week

The Question of the Week is based on the upcoming Sunday readings. It serves as a topic for reflection to put the Bible reading in touch with your life and today’s issues. By putting the question on the parish website and into the bulletin each week Blessed Sacrament hopes to encourage a parish-wide conversation based on the current week’s Scripture readings. Use the question as a starting point for prayer and discussion at home, with your family, at the beginning of parish meetings, on your own in the car or whenever you want to be in touch with God’s Word to us and be part of the larger parish community.

This coming Sunday’s Scripture readings, on which the question is based, can be found on the web at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops web site.


In the Gospel for Sunday, September 29 (Luke 16: 19 - 31), Jesus teaches that we all must follow Moses and the prophets and change our ways, especially if we live in luxury while others are without.

This week’s question is:
What small changes can you make to bring the world closer to economic justice for all?