Established in 1966, Blessed Sacrament School provides Catholic education to children in Preschool through Grade Eight.  At Blessed Sacrament School, each child is assisted in developing spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and socially in an atmosphere of Christian concern, commitment and service.


A History of Blessed Sacrament School

Blessed Sacrament School opened in the fall of 1966 as the first parochial school in Walpole. Under the direction and vision of Fr. John Costello, the seventh pastor of the parish, ground was broken in the spring of 1965 to build the present-day, brick building. Families joined together to raise money with selfless hours of dedication and service and a healthy mixture of fun. In less than six months, the new parish school complex was opened. The complex included a convent, parish auditorium, sixteen classrooms, science laboratory, cafeteria, and kitchen facilities. It was at this time the sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia joined the school which then had 118 students in two first and second grades. Although the Trinitarian Sisters had long been established workers of the parish, it is the order of St. Francis that brought the first superior and first principal, Sr. Maria Gross, to Blessed Sacrament. Under her direction, the school community began to thrive.

The Sisters of St. Francis were founded by Mother Frances Bachmann in 1855. Their founder was best known as a “woman and a risk-taker.” The devotion of the Sisters of St. Francis to their patron St. Francis of Assisi was evident in their commitment to peace and stewardship of the environment which is God’s gift to us. Their legacy was to live the gospel as St. Francis did, and to instill in the children the desire to do their best, to be truthful, and to be the peacemakers of our world today. This philosophy extended to the school community where each child was encouraged to acquire a living conscience and an active faith life that clarified personal values and beliefs. Every student was taught basic skills and given opportunities to discover his or her special talent and interest. Every child was to be given the encouragement to develop a positive self-image and to help others. These beliefs are the foundation of our school today. The Sisters of St. Francis served as the principals and teachers of the school for more than thirty years. For the past twenty years the school has been led by lay principals and teachers with a deep commitment to Catholic education, rooted in the beliefs of its founders.