The mission statement of Blessed Sacrament School asserts that our school strives to develop every child spiritually, intellectually, and socially in an atmosphere of Christian concern and service. Our educational and co-curricular programs, therefore, are dedicated to the promotion of spiritual growth, academic excellence, and social awareness. When students graduate from Blessed Sacrament School, it is our hope that they will be excellent students who are well prepared to thrive academically in a rigorous high school environment. More important, however, we hope that they will be well-rounded young men and women—students who love God, care about others, and can confidently make decisions based on the core values of their faith and families.

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Graduates of Blessed Sacrament School are expected to

  • Love God, self and other
  • Possess an understanding of the Catholic tradition
  • Develop the foundations for a lifelong, personal relationship with Jesus
  • Feel a sense of belonging to the Catholic Church community
  • Know the importance of the “Power of One”
  • Share acts of kindness through service to others
  • Demonstrate a tolerance for diversity in all its forms
  • Be an advocate for social justice
  • Display the actions of St. Francis in their everyday lives
  • Know how to participate fully in the Catholic Mass
  • Willingly participate in spiritual experiences outside of our school community
  • Develop a personal prayer style
  • Make moral decisions based on the teaching of the Catholic Church
  • Demonstrate respect for community and all of God’s creation


Graduates of Blessed Sacrament School are expected to

  • Be organizationally prepared to succeed in high school
  • Acquire the subject matter knowledge necessary to thrive in high school
  • Possess the ability to solve problems intelligently, creatively and effectively
  • Write legibly and communicate clearly, both orally and through the written word
  • Demonstrate academic integrity at all times
  • Work collaboratively with others
  • Show a desire to reach beyond his or her academic potential
  • Think critically
  • Use evidence to support their opinions
  • View learning as a life-long process
  • Use technology effectively and responsibly
  • Recall previous learning and use it in new situations
  • Be aware of his or her own strengths and challenges as a learner
  • Read for knowledge and enjoyment
  • Advocate for one’s self


Graduates of Blessed Sacrament School are expected to…

  • Show empathy and tolerance for all people at all times
  • Respect others
  • Value their own personal appearance and physical well-being
  • Engage in respectful and meaningful relationships
  • Demonstrate a respectful use of technology
  • Possess the confidence needed to participate in new experiences in high schools
  • Demonstrate confidence in developing their own personality and moral values, based on the values of our faith
  • Accept responsibility for their actions and an awareness of consequences for poor choices
  • Show good sportsmanship and act as a team player
  • Be a confident risk-taker