Writing 5th Grade Picture

Our Elementary Program is designed to meet the unique needs of students in Grade 1 through Grade 5. At Blessed Sacrament School, our faculty and staff strive to

  • Treat each student as a child of God with unique strengths and challenges. 
  • Build positive relationships with families recognizing that parents are the first educators and most important models for their children. 
  • Provide peaceful environments for children to master basic skills, collaborate, and enjoy learning. 
  • Create structured classroom environments where students feel appreciated for their individual gifts and talents and supported in sharing them. 
  • Use best practices and the latest instructional technology to plan and implement lessons to meet student needs. Promote the cognitive, social-emotional, physical development of children through lessons that address varied learning styles. 
  • Celebrate the arts with age-appropriate art and music courses that reflect cultural diversity. 
  • Communicate often with parents about their child’s progress, needs, and growth.
  • Link to the greater Blessed Sacrament School, Church, and world community through attendance at daily assembly, monthly Masses, and participation in community service. 
  • Connect classroom learning to student experiences beyond school life.