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Our Middle School program is designed to meet the unique needs of students in Grade 6 through Grade 8. At Blessed Sacrament School, our Middle School faculty and staff strive to

  • Treat each student as a child of God at a unique stage of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development with newly emerging interests and challenges. 
  • Build positive relationships with families recognizing that parents were the first educators and are the most important models for their children. 
  • Provide classroom environments that extend student knowledge, peak interest, and build an awareness of how he/she learns best. 
  • Create structured classroom environments where students feel appreciated for their contributions, safe in taking positive risks, and supported when self-advocating. 
  • Use best practices and the latest instructional technology to plan and implement lessons that meet student needs and prepare each one for high school. 
  • Promote the cognitive, social-emotional, physical development of students through lessons that address varied learning styles and are challenging. 
  • Celebrate the arts with age-appropriate art and music courses that reflect cultural diversity. 
  • Communicate often with parents about their child’s progress, needs, and growth while encouraging students to effectively communicate, as well. Link to the greater Blessed Sacrament School, Church, and world community through attendance at daily assembly, monthly Masses, and leadership in community service projects. 
  • Connect classroom learning to student interests, as appropriate, and to our world.

Click here to learn more about the St. Francis House System, a unique approach to student development, leadership and community engagement in our middle school.