In September 2015, Blessed Sacrament School opened a new Preschool program for 3-year old children. Due to the success of our preschool program, we opened up a 2nd preschool room in the 2019-2020 school year.  The BSS Preschool is now the new primary point of entry into the BSS community, with a curriculum, daily schedule and overall program that are consistent with the mission and values that have been associated with a BSS education for the past 50 years.

The BSS Preschool offers families tremendous flexibility, with a 2-day (Thursday/Friday), 3-day (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday), and 5-day option, a half-day (until 12:00) or full-day option (until 2:20) available each day, and the opportunity to participate in both the morning and afternoon extended day programs.  Morning Extended Day runs from 7:00am until school starts and afternoon Extended Day runs from dismissal at 2:20 up until 5:00pm. 

Please note that all PS students must be 3 years old on or before November 30th (2 years 9 months by August 31st) and fully potty trained to qualify for admission.  Students under the age of 3 on September 1st may only choose a maximum of 3 days.

Each classroom is staffed by a teacher and an aide.

At BSS, Preschool students work hard at play.  Through carefully designed learning centers and activities, our youngest students are encouraged to explore, reason, and grow into the beautiful people God created them to be. In a safe and loving environment, students are expected to question, hypothesize, and analyze the world around them.  Emphasis is placed on taking initiative in thinking and negotiating social situations with peers and adults.  Working as a team, teachers and parents set goals for the social, emotional, and intellectual growth of these young children.

There are limited spots available, please apply soon if interested!