The twin goals of the Service Hours Program are to keep the costs of tuition down and to use the talents of the parent community to improve our children’s Catholic educational experience. One objective of the Service Hours Program is to encourage participation by parents as well as students in school programs. Several opportunities will be available throughout the school year during class hours, evenings and weekends when we will need your skills, talent, time and energy. On behalf of all of our children, we thank you for your continued support of the Service Hours Program. 

 Each family with students in grades Pre-K though 8 is required to give a minimum of 15 hours of service during each school year.  It is your responsibility to volunteer for the activities of your choice.  Families are encouraged to become involved in the BSS community according to their interests and talents.  Only service hours that directly benefit the school will count towards the 15-hour requirement.  Persons who qualify to serve are parents, grandparents or other adult family members.  Community service hours to other non-profit organizations outside of BSS, while charitable, do not count toward family service hours.  

 There are many opportunities to fulfill your service hours. Examples include: 

  • Major school fundraisers such as the Under the Stars Gala and the Christmas Bazaar.

  • Cafeteria lunch duty

  • Soccer, basketball or another athletic team coach

  • New Family Mentor program

  • Enrichment and community activities such as Grandparents Day 

  • Advisory committees such as school board, Parent Collaborative Executive Committee, and Spiritual Life Committee.

  • Ongoing programs such as Green Team, elementary yearbook team, and used uniform sale.

 Documenting Hours

All service hours must be logged and recorded within your individual RenWeb account under “Family”.  If you volunteer at an event, your hours must be submitted within one month of service in order to be credited for them.  For example, you will not be able to submit hours in February for and event held in October.   If you volunteer as an athletic team or activity coach, you should log hours within one month of the season’s end.

Cash Payment and Donation Options

If you are unable to fulfill 15 service hours, you can choose to pay the annual service hour fee of $450.00 annually or $30.00 for each hour not served. Families may also donate items and/or in-kind professional services that are of general benefit to the school to satisfy service hours.  This includes donations of raffle items for various events.  If a parent’s business or profession provides services that school would normally pay for, these donations can also fulfill the annual service hours requirement.  You must contact the office to qualify your in-kind donation in advance.

 Any remaining unserved hours will be billed via FACTS at the end of the school year.